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        Kenya:   +254 20 2731310
        Uganda:   +256 414 235499
        Tanzania:   +255 22 2112624

        • Clarkson Super Motor
          ...you and your family are now covered under your motor policy Clarkson Super Motor
        • Life & Pension
          Group Life Assurance, Mortgage Protection Assurance, Provident Fund Schemes, Pension Schemes... Life & Pension
        • Life Assurance<br />
          Welcome for Group Life, Mortgage Protection, Credit Life , Term and Endowment Assurance Life Assurance
        • Risk Management
          For a comprehensive assessment and analysis of risk and exposures, ... to ensure optimum return on equity. Risk Management

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        Assurance Life  and Pension Includes: Group Life Assurance, Mortgage Protection Assurance, Credit Life Assurance, Provident Fund schemes, Pension Schemes...

        Health Medical Insurance
        Clarkson offers customized medical covers from a selection of underwriters to suit the client's needs at all times with 24 Hr Help lines.

        Securities Reinsurance Broking Designing of reinsurance covers of both treaty and facultative and providing placement arrangement with top securities in Kenya, Africa and International markets.

        General Risk Insurance
        Is a comprehensive assessment & analysis of risk & exposures, designing various treatment methods to ensure optimum return on equity.